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Maître Choux | A taste of France in London


Last Saturday, Arsenal played Hull City. My Englishman is a huge Arsenal fan, so we drove down to London for him to watch the game. My father-in-law recently lent me an amazing new lens for my camera, so I was excited to go on a “photo walk” around Kensington, one of my favorite areas in London. What I didn’t plan for (strangely enough) was the high chance of rain; I’m notoriously bad at knowing when it will rain!  (more…)


Style Files | Maternity by Isabella Oliver

When should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Nobody really tells you much about pregnancy style before you’re actually expecting. A good rule of thumb is to buy maternity clothes from some place that sells them when you can’t fit into your normal clothes, right? Well, yes, but I would recommend researching brands and shopping – before one day toward the end of the first trimester you wake up wanting to put on your favorite shirt, which is suddenly too small.

I knew nothing about where to find maternity clothes, what brands made clothes similar to the ones I loved to wear pre-bump, and where to find an affordable range of clothes. I mean, you only wear them for a few months, so is it wise to spend much money on them?

Isabella Oliver maternity dress PatriciaParisienne London Penn State commuter bag belber eileen fisher (more…)


NEW VIDEO: Daniel Sandler in Action!

Happy Friday!

Thank you all so much for your support, shares, and comments on the first video of the new YouTube channel! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and hope you loved meeting Daniel Sandler as much as I did. I had several questions come through about how he did my makeup, so I’m pleased to reveal the second video of the channel, which documents every step and product Daniel used to create the look from start to finish.


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Meet Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, Founder of Malée

Beauty lovers, this one is for you.

I first met with Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, founder of Malée, at LouLou’s, a gorgeous London club in Mayfair. Push PR’s Senior Beauty PR Manager Christina Moore joined us, and the three of us spent the afternoon chatting, laughing, and hearing the story of how Zeze created Malée, a “healthy luxury fragrance and body care range created in South Africa in 2010 inspired by the beauty and wealth of breath taking landscapes, wildlife, culture and history of Africa.”  (more…)

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London Grace

I love getting my nails done.

When I have my hair and nails done, I feel like a femme fatale – unstoppable and confident. So you can imagine that when the hottest new nail bar in the English capital, London Grace, invited me to their Putney salon for a visit, I jumped at the opportunity!


London Grace is a Pinterest dream. Rustic exposed brick, sparkling white marble counters, cute little glass jars, sparkly golden details, a custom blue La Marzocco espresso machine (in their signature blue!) and copper pendant lights – what more could you ask for? Oh yes, an incredible bar, kitted out with everything from pregnant-friendly Luscombe juices to bottles of wine and champagne. Officially a nail bar, café, and bar, there is something for everyone, including gorgeous cakes, sweets, and savory nibbles.


When we arrived, London Grace’s PR extraordinaire Lauren Williams greeted us warmly and chatted with us about the salon and its services. Char and I were so impressed! Afterward, we were promptly served two enormous slices of amazing chocolate cake (if only this could happen every day), and I enjoyed a Luscombe juice while Char sipped on a classy Cosmopolitan. The ultimate nail experience had begun!

Also, you know how most nail salons have a permanent wafting of polish remover? You get zero of that here. Instead, it feels (and smells) like your favorite cafe, the air carrying hints of espresso.

IMG_8444-1In business for just over a year, London Grace has already won two awards, Best New Business (2015 FSB London Business Awards) and Best Shop in Putney (2015 Timeout Love London Awards)! It’s impressive that they’re able to offer so much while also keeping prices competitive. Treatments begin at £9 for a No-Fuss manicure and range up to £25 for a Top-Notch normal polish pedicure, £35 for shellac. They also host a variety of special evenings and services, in addition to being open until 10 p.m. on certain evenings.

My favorite detail was the Buggy Park for the yummy mummies in the area! Plus, Mondays by appointment from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.is Pamper & Play, which has complimentary babysitting for moms with young children. Whyyy don’t I live closer? I would be there every week.

buggy and nail bar

What really stood out was the dry pedicure approach London Grace takes, which I had never experienced before. It’s more sanitary to have a dry pedicure, as many germs can survive in the foot baths. Don’t worry; they spray some disinfectant and other nice-smelling products on your feet, so they are clean! Also, a dry pedicure saves hundreds of liters of water per week. Bonus point: a pedicure on dry nails preserves the nail polish for longer, since nails expand when wet. All in all, a win for everyone.


London Grace hires out their large downstairs “Grace Space” for birthdays, hen dos, baby showers, and corporate events. They can accommodate parties of 7 to 24 people. See you there for my 28th in February!



Ladies, don’t be afraid to bring your man. He can enjoy an ice-cold beer brewed in Hackney Wick and a fresh Scotch egg while you enjoy your treatments and bubbly. If you’re in the area but aren’t due for a treatment yet, you can still pop in to relax with a coffee (hand-roasted in Shoreditch) and cake and bask in the beautiful space.


Owner Kirsten Hazell has truly gone above and beyond. Not only has she brought this fantastic beauty concept over to the UK but she has also created a London Grace nail polish range. Their own free-of-nasties polishes are free of the five major chemicals present in most nail varnishes, making manis and pedis safer without sacrificing quality. Each of the colors is named after different people that helped in the creation of the salon, including her accountant, which I loved! The gorgeous periwinkle blue that you see above is the salon’s signature color, Grace.


I was so impressed with the salon, its many services, and the fantastic team there. There’s something to be said for an extremely well thought-out, detail-oriented business. Thank you, Kirsten, Lauren, Tara, and Fabiana for a truly wonderful first experience at London Grace! Looking forward to going back already, this time with more friends in tow!

PatriciaParisienne xx


London Grace

26 Putney High Street


SW15 1SL

020 8789 1267

For bookings and more information, visit their website or e-mail: hello@londongrace.co.uk


Monday – Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Thursday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Follow London Grace on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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My One Resolution for 2016 | 2015 Recap

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays and are easing into 2016. We had an absolutely magical Christmas here in England with both of our families, followed by a very relaxed NYE – complete with our 87-year-old neighbor knocking on our door at 12:02 a.m., bottle of whiskey in hand to ring in the new year!

I love the beginning of a new year, a new month, or even a new week. It feels like the possibilities are endless! Instead of a list of resolutions, I decided to make a mantra last year. My 2015 mantra was “explore.” I was at a point where the activities and commitments I was involved with were all coming to a close, and I had no idea what my life would look like once they had all culminated. I didn’t even know what country I would be in, although I had my heart set on staying in Paris.

Fast forward to a year later – here are the major life events that happened in those 12 months:

  • John proposed. I said yes, of course!
  • We got married.
  • I moved to England.
  • We bought a house.
  • I transitioned to a new role as the manager of classical pianist Alexander Kato-Willis. His first European tour was a huge success (Watch for the 2016 tour schedule, coming soon)!
  • Following the move to the UK, the blog and Instagram took off in a very positive way.
  • We went on our honeymoon to Japan (SO AWESOME!).
  • And the cherry on top: I am now pregnant with our first child, due in April of this year.

Everything happened!

So now, it’s January of 2016, which means a new year and a new mantra. But it’s hard to plan for a year when I know that in four months, my life will completely change once this baby arrives. I am lucky to have an older sister that I am close to and whose children I saw almost daily while I lived in Paris, which means that I am afraid of neither a loaded diaper nor a milk eruption. But I’m aware enough to know that I have no idea what awaits in a few months. From what I understand, I am clueless as to how much this little one is going to rock my world.

All I know is that I’ll experience an overwhelming, indescribable, and eternal love for this baby, that I will be exhausted, and that s/he will instantly become my number one priority. So, back to the question above – how do I plan for life after April?

After thinking and reflecting on this question, the light bulb finally came on, and the mantra came to me: enjoy. I will simply enjoy all of the changes and experiences that this year will offer. I’ll roll with it, try and be flexible, strive to relax instead of stress, and enjoy the adventures and roller coasters of motherhood.

My one new year’s resolution or mantra is to enjoy everything that lies ahead – the preparations for the baby, the new opportunities, the new career possibilities, the time spent with friends, my time with my husband, and the milestones that come with a new baby and expanding our family. From all accounts, it all goes by very quickly.

As for the blog, I will be incorporating baby-oriented posts, of course, but PatriciaParisienne will remain a lifestyle and travel site. I look forward to continuing to share my adventures and experiences with you all.

Thank you for reading!

PatriciaParisienne xx

Here are a few of 2015’s highlights in snapshots:


patriciaparisienne engagement

Celebrating our engagement at the Royal Opera House in London


Chipping Camden PatriciaParisienne England Cotswolds

A trip to Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds for Valentine’s Day


patriciaparisienne wedding day

patriciaparisienne wedding


patriciaparisienne fortnum and mason instagram takeover paris

My first Instagram takeover with Fortnum & Mason in Paris


Koishikawa Korakuen garden PatriciaParisienne Japan tokyo chiyodaHimeji Castle patriciaparisienne japanNara PatriciaParisienne deer Kiyomizu-dera temple kyoto illuminations patriciaparisienne


Pregnant patriciaparisienne announcement christmas

We announced Baby Naylor’s upcoming arrival on the PatriciaParisienne social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with this festive photo. 

patriciaparisienne pregnant christmas 2015Christmas this year was extremely special, as we were able to have my sister and her family and my mom join us in England. Being able to celebrate the holidays with both of our families was a dream!


Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel | London

Our First Thanksgiving in London

I had the absolute pleasure of celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel in London with my English hubby. It was his first Thanksgiving meal, and I couldn’t have been happier for his introduction to have been at this fantastic Kensington hotel in their Cheneston’s Restaurant.

IMG_4810-1 IMG_4811-1 IMG_4826-1

Although he likened it to an English Christmas dinner (it’s not the same thing), we both enjoyed it immensely! IMG_4816-1 IMG_4851-1

A favorite course would be tricky to pick because the meal kept getting better with every new dish! Highlights definitely would be the five phenomenal butters (one of the best salted butters I’ve ever tried!), the truffle mac and cheese (insert heart-eyed emoji), and of course, the turkey. Speaking of the turkey, we had a fresh one carved in front of us for our main course! It was gorgeous.

IMG_4817-1   IMG_4855-1 IMG_4870-1 IMG_4880-1 IMG_4890-1

The restaurant’s delightful house blend. John highly recommends it! Baby and I stuck to the sparkling and still water…but next time…;)

PatriciaParisienne Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel Kensington London Cheneston's restaurant pumpkin pie

Thank you so much to the fantastic staff at the Milestone Hotel (especially Colin and Augustine!) and the lovely folks at Weill for the invitation. It was a night – and meal – to remember!

Make sure to follow the Milestone Hotel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for their many special events and soirées throughout the year!

PatriciaParisienne xx


Milestone Hotel

1 Kensington Court

W8 5DL


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Christmas Gift Guide #2 | The Books

PatriciaParisienne Christmas Gift Guide #2 Books for the bookworm in your life girl code cara alwill leyba richard branson the virgin way elizabeth gilbert big magic creative living beyond gear triumph lizzie harwood cupcakes and cashmere at home emily schuman how to win friends and influence people dale carnegie elizabeth is missing emma healey my paris story the paris women of success sanity is sexy diana antholis it's not how good you are it's how good you want to be paul arden diana antholis sanity is sexy angels of paris rosemary flannery elizabeth is missing emma healey big magic elizabeth gilbert my paris story paris women of success

Happy Second Day of Christmas Gift Guides! Today, we are all about the books.

I’ve always been a huge bookworm, and I love sharing about the good reads I find. Over the last year, I’ve read these books, among others, and have really enjoyed them. In the selection, I have included a few business books (particularly for the budding entrepreneurs), some about creativity and inspiration, a few fiction books I enjoyed, and two coffee table books. I especially love the Angels of Paris book by Rosemary Flannery; it’s gorgeous and will change the way you see Paris!

1. The Virgin Way by Richard Branson

2. Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrest to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur by Cara Alwill Leyba

3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

4. Triump: Collected Stories of Gone Girls and Complicated Women by Lizzie Harwood

5. Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home by Emily Schuman

6. It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden

7. Sanity is Sexy: Mantras to Inspire a Healthy Mindset by Diana Antholis

8. My Paris Story by the Paris Women of Success (including yours truly!)

9. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

10. Angels of Paris by Rosemary Flannery

Happy reading! Bonne lecture !

PatriciaParisienne xx

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Christmas Gift Guide #1 | The Classics

PatriciaParisienne Christmas Gift Guide 2015 The Classics shinola daniel wellington cambridge satchel company shinola

Happy December, everyone!

Christmas music is on, decorations are starting to go up in our home, and I’m counting down the days until the 25th! This year, our French family is coming to the UK, and I can’t wait to see the mini-loves wake up on Christmas morning and rush down to see what Santa has brought them. The holiday is just magical when you see it through children’s eyes.

“Fiiiiiive golden riiiiiings!” I love the song “Twelve Days of Christmas.” In addition to singing it around the house, I’ve decided to create a “Twelve Days of Christmas” gift guide on the blog and share some of my finds with you. Today’s first gift guide is called “The Classics” and is geared toward friends and family that love classic things – leather, satchels, etiquette, and a gorgeous time piece.

The gifts, clockwise:

1. Daniel Wellington watch

A DW watch is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone ages 15 and up. I love the leather strap and the simple yet elegant face. This particular model is the Lady’s Classic St. Mawes with a silver finish (seen here). I wear it every day because it goes with every outfit, hence why it’s the perfect watch! In addition to offering free worldwide shipping, Daniel Wellington is giving 15% off to my readers with the code PATRICIANOEL through January 15. 

P.S. I’d love to see your Christmas photos if you buy or are gifted one of these on Christmas morning! Share your pics with the hashtag #patricianoel.

2. Debrett’s Handbook

For my fellow expats in England or those who want to learn all there is to know about British etiquette, this is the guide for you. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive handbook! Don’t think it’s outdated; Debrett’s has updated the guide to be a modern interpretation of traditional manners. From dining etiquette and correspondence to hosting and entertaining, this stunning book has all of the answers to life’s social codes. http://www.debretts.com/shop/debretts-handbook.html

3. Cambridge Satchel Company cartridge bag

This gorgeous little bag accompanied us to Japan last month! I couldn’t have asked for a better travel and camera bag. Not only does it fit my clunky DSLR but it also had enough room for my wallet, phone, and a little water bottle. If you’re like me and tend to overpack your bag for the day and end up regretting lugging around a heavy tote, this bag is for you. It’s beautiful, classic, and fits the essentials. http://www.cambridgesatchel.com/

4. Shinola Leather Journal cover

This buttery leather journal cover is a great gift for the writers and artists in your life. Choose from any five colors, pop in a Shinola large journal, and off you go! Both the front and back covers have multiple pockets for cards, notes, or a pen. As with any quality leather, the wear and tear will only give it more character. http://www.shinola.co.uk/shop/leather-journal-cover.html

Tune in tomorrow for Christmas Gift Guide #2!

PatriciaParisienne xx


For more regular updates, follow along in the adventures on InstagramFacebook, or Snapchat (@tricia_rosas).


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