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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m officially two weeks into motherhood, and it’s been an incredible ride so far. I’ve been thinking about what gifts moms – new moms in particular – would like. Here are a few of my favorite things and some on my wish list. Hope these suggestions help!

PatriciaParisienne xx


Mothers Day Gift Guide

  1. Good Yawning Sweatshirt from Parent Apparel
  2. Scrub Love Original Lovin’ coffee scrub
  3. MintyWendy’s “The Motherpukka” necklace
  4. Miss Magpie Fashion Spy Heart Balloon Wall sticker
  5. Marks & Spencer Congratulations New Arrival card
  6. Hesper Fox Kitsuné Carnival Mask
  7. Flowers
  8. Sweet Tayloula sweets baby gift idea
  9. Daisy London Base Chakra candle

Mothers Day Gift Guide PatriciaParisienne Daisy London London Grace Malee Online ParisPerfect Apartment Bonjour Kale Kristen Beddard Bags by M book clutch

  1. Malée Verdure Room Mist
  2. London Grace Coconut Moisturizing hand lotion
  3. Paris Perfect Apartment rentals print
  4. Bonjour Kale: A Memoir of Paris, Love, and Recipes by Kristen Beddard
  5. Book Clutch – By M.

Coffee & Real Talk


Today I’m grateful to have the amazing Emilia Farrace from Simply Elaborate Creative Agency in my life. Part of being an entrepreneur means working alone and in your head for most of the day. I’ve found it to be so beneficial to have her as my weekly accountability partner and now friend. She is not only an incredibly savvy and forward-thinking business owner and web designer (this one was born to run the show!) but she is also one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. 

Today’s conversation included topics like Google Analytics and learning to navigate and use your stats. But more importantly, we talked about the power of being authentic in your work. (more…)


Life Lately | 36 Weeks

March 2016

FullSizeRender 4

My sister and me at the Paris Perfect apartment we stayed in earlier this month. I’m wearing the most comfortable Séraphine Maternity Chambray dress ever!

As of today, I’m 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I haven’t talked too much about the pregnancy here for one simple reason: fear. It’s the same reason we didn’t share the news with most people until I was nearly five months along. We wanted to be sure that the baby was here to stay. As this is my first pregnancy, we couldn’t know for sure, so decided to err on the side of caution.  (more…)


Nib & Ink Book Launch | Lamplighter London Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

The lovely Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London, a modern calligraphy studio based in East London, invited me to one of her recent book launch workshops. She’s just published her first book, Nib & Ink: The New Art of Modern Calligraphy, which is a fantastic guide to learning the basics of modern calligraphy.


Self-taught, Chiara used a variety of resources to learn the art of calligraphy but always wished there was a comprehensive guide. Inspired by this idea, as well as by the feedback from her workshops, she created the ultimate calligraphy book, Nib & Ink, published by Ebury. (more…)

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Charlecote Park | Explore England

Have you heard of the National Trust? It’s my new favorite thing about the UK! Founded in 1895, the charity now protects and opens more than 350 historic houses, gardens, and ancient monuments to the public. For someone like me who loves visiting castles, manors, and the like, it’s a dream come true!

Last weekend, my in-laws and I visited the National Trust property Charlecote Park. Built in the 16th century, the country house near Stratford-Upon-Avon was renovated in the 18th century when the Lucy family moved in, which is the house we can visit today.

IMG_9607-1 (more…)

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Maître Choux | A taste of France in London


Last Saturday, Arsenal played Hull City. My Englishman is a huge Arsenal fan, so we drove down to London for him to watch the game. My father-in-law recently lent me an amazing new lens for my camera, so I was excited to go on a “photo walk” around Kensington, one of my favorite areas in London. What I didn’t plan for (strangely enough) was the high chance of rain; I’m notoriously bad at knowing when it will rain!  (more…)


Style Files | Maternity by Isabella Oliver

When should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Nobody really tells you much about pregnancy style before you’re actually expecting. A good rule of thumb is to buy maternity clothes from some place that sells them when you can’t fit into your normal clothes, right? Well, yes, but I would recommend researching brands and shopping – before one day toward the end of the first trimester you wake up wanting to put on your favorite shirt, which is suddenly too small.

I knew nothing about where to find maternity clothes, what brands made clothes similar to the ones I loved to wear pre-bump, and where to find an affordable range of clothes. I mean, you only wear them for a few months, so is it wise to spend much money on them?

Isabella Oliver maternity dress PatriciaParisienne London Penn State commuter bag belber eileen fisher (more…)


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