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David Peters | Cosmetic Acupuncture

“Need to look your best but better? Try David Peters.” – The Mail

With a recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want to have a treatment done by David Peters, the award-winning cosmetic acupuncturist at the stunning Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge?

rsz_img_8670 (more…)

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Christmas in July | Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason does everything to perfection, from tea to their press day. When I received the invitation (a package containing special Fortnum’s marmalade vodka with the event details on the tag!), I couldn’t contain my excitement. “Christmas in July” is the best press event!

So, last Wednesday, my amazing mother-in-law Cheryl, baby George, and I hopped on the train and went for an adventure in London. We arrived into Marylebone and enjoyed a beautiful walk to Piccadilly. Char, Phoebe, and the rest of the amazing Seven Dials PR team were on-hand to walk us through the many delights for the upcoming Fortnum & Mason Christmas 2016 season. I’m so excited to share them with you! As we get closer to the holidays, I’ll be including several of the goodies in my gift guides, but for now, here is a sneak peek:


These balloons – and that table! So festive.FM7

The salted peanut butter yule log was one of the tastiest treats I’ve ever had. I may have to order an entire one as a present to myself…hamper fortnums

Here’s a shot of this year’s incredible Imperial Hamper. It will set you back a cool £6000 but it contains everything you’ll need for the holiday season in the suite of wickers!collage fm

Artisan baker Nila Holden baked this little gingerbread sensation. How cute is it? The pottery to the right is Fortnum’s own line for every day use. I love the elegant Scandi-inspired design. I can imagine myself pouring a delicious coffee in one of the Eau de Nil mugs!

santa fortnums

So, the six-person blue star cracker you see on the tree took over a year to engineer – so cool. You’d need a very calm countdown to make sure everyone pulled at precisely the right time but it’d be so much fun to do! Also, those customizable Santa sacks are just gorgeous. George’s first Christmas will include one of those with his name on it – I cannot wait! Speaking of customization, the colorful holiday scene above the bag can be ordered with your mini loved one’s name on it. As always, the Fortnum & Mason ornaments are just about the prettiest things you could hang on your tree. I’m eyeing the one with the Fortnum’s mini tea set!FMMen

They haven’t overlooked gifts for the men in your life. How elegant is that shaving kit on the left?

beautiful tea set fortnum and mason  This tea-for-two set (£325) will one day be mine. Inspired by the wallpaper in that room on the fourth floor, as well as by camellia sinensis (the plant from which tea originates), the design is subtle yet symbolic.FM5Such beautiful accessories!  turned4

Those Christmas jumper cookies! For the foodies in your life, you’ll need to purchase the sparkling spiced rum butter to slather on a slice of the Drunken Panettone or Stollen. To be enjoyed with a cup of the Christmas spiced tea. IMG_8792Emma Bridgewater’s Fortnum & Mason Christmas set  FM1

More wonderful gifts and stocking stuffersIMG_8797IMG_8782

Halcyon Days make these gorgeous bangles especially for Fortnum’s. The perfect Christmas gift for the jewelry lover in your life.

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas 2016 collection. The Christmas store opens next month at their Piccadilly store. Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas (in July!),

PatriciaParisienne xx


Nib & Ink Book Launch | Lamplighter London Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

The lovely Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London, a modern calligraphy studio based in East London, invited me to one of her recent book launch workshops. She’s just published her first book, Nib & Ink: The New Art of Modern Calligraphy, which is a fantastic guide to learning the basics of modern calligraphy.


Self-taught, Chiara used a variety of resources to learn the art of calligraphy but always wished there was a comprehensive guide. Inspired by this idea, as well as by the feedback from her workshops, she created the ultimate calligraphy book, Nib & Ink, published by Ebury. (more…)

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Maître Choux | A taste of France in London


Last Saturday, Arsenal played Hull City. My Englishman is a huge Arsenal fan, so we drove down to London for him to watch the game. My father-in-law recently lent me an amazing new lens for my camera, so I was excited to go on a “photo walk” around Kensington, one of my favorite areas in London. What I didn’t plan for (strangely enough) was the high chance of rain; I’m notoriously bad at knowing when it will rain!  (more…)


NEW VIDEO: Daniel Sandler in Action!

Happy Friday!

Thank you all so much for your support, shares, and comments on the first video of the new YouTube channel! I’m so pleased you enjoyed it and hope you loved meeting Daniel Sandler as much as I did. I had several questions come through about how he did my makeup, so I’m pleased to reveal the second video of the channel, which documents every step and product Daniel used to create the look from start to finish.


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London Grace

I love getting my nails done.

When I have my hair and nails done, I feel like a femme fatale – unstoppable and confident. So you can imagine that when the hottest new nail bar in the English capital, London Grace, invited me to their Putney salon for a visit, I jumped at the opportunity!


London Grace is a Pinterest dream. Rustic exposed brick, sparkling white marble counters, cute little glass jars, sparkly golden details, a custom blue La Marzocco espresso machine (in their signature blue!) and copper pendant lights – what more could you ask for? Oh yes, an incredible bar, kitted out with everything from pregnant-friendly Luscombe juices to bottles of wine and champagne. Officially a nail bar, café, and bar, there is something for everyone, including gorgeous cakes, sweets, and savory nibbles.


When we arrived, London Grace’s PR extraordinaire Lauren Williams greeted us warmly and chatted with us about the salon and its services. Char and I were so impressed! Afterward, we were promptly served two enormous slices of amazing chocolate cake (if only this could happen every day), and I enjoyed a Luscombe juice while Char sipped on a classy Cosmopolitan. The ultimate nail experience had begun!

Also, you know how most nail salons have a permanent wafting of polish remover? You get zero of that here. Instead, it feels (and smells) like your favorite cafe, the air carrying hints of espresso.

IMG_8444-1In business for just over a year, London Grace has already won two awards, Best New Business (2015 FSB London Business Awards) and Best Shop in Putney (2015 Timeout Love London Awards)! It’s impressive that they’re able to offer so much while also keeping prices competitive. Treatments begin at £9 for a No-Fuss manicure and range up to £25 for a Top-Notch normal polish pedicure, £35 for shellac. They also host a variety of special evenings and services, in addition to being open until 10 p.m. on certain evenings.

My favorite detail was the Buggy Park for the yummy mummies in the area! Plus, Mondays by appointment from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.is Pamper & Play, which has complimentary babysitting for moms with young children. Whyyy don’t I live closer? I would be there every week.

buggy and nail bar

What really stood out was the dry pedicure approach London Grace takes, which I had never experienced before. It’s more sanitary to have a dry pedicure, as many germs can survive in the foot baths. Don’t worry; they spray some disinfectant and other nice-smelling products on your feet, so they are clean! Also, a dry pedicure saves hundreds of liters of water per week. Bonus point: a pedicure on dry nails preserves the nail polish for longer, since nails expand when wet. All in all, a win for everyone.


London Grace hires out their large downstairs “Grace Space” for birthdays, hen dos, baby showers, and corporate events. They can accommodate parties of 7 to 24 people. See you there for my 28th in February!



Ladies, don’t be afraid to bring your man. He can enjoy an ice-cold beer brewed in Hackney Wick and a fresh Scotch egg while you enjoy your treatments and bubbly. If you’re in the area but aren’t due for a treatment yet, you can still pop in to relax with a coffee (hand-roasted in Shoreditch) and cake and bask in the beautiful space.


Owner Kirsten Hazell has truly gone above and beyond. Not only has she brought this fantastic beauty concept over to the UK but she has also created a London Grace nail polish range. Their own free-of-nasties polishes are free of the five major chemicals present in most nail varnishes, making manis and pedis safer without sacrificing quality. Each of the colors is named after different people that helped in the creation of the salon, including her accountant, which I loved! The gorgeous periwinkle blue that you see above is the salon’s signature color, Grace.


I was so impressed with the salon, its many services, and the fantastic team there. There’s something to be said for an extremely well thought-out, detail-oriented business. Thank you, Kirsten, Lauren, Tara, and Fabiana for a truly wonderful first experience at London Grace! Looking forward to going back already, this time with more friends in tow!

PatriciaParisienne xx


London Grace

26 Putney High Street


SW15 1SL

020 8789 1267

For bookings and more information, visit their website or e-mail: hello@londongrace.co.uk


Monday – Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Thursday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Follow London Grace on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel | London

Our First Thanksgiving in London

I had the absolute pleasure of celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel in London with my English hubby. It was his first Thanksgiving meal, and I couldn’t have been happier for his introduction to have been at this fantastic Kensington hotel in their Cheneston’s Restaurant.

IMG_4810-1 IMG_4811-1 IMG_4826-1

Although he likened it to an English Christmas dinner (it’s not the same thing), we both enjoyed it immensely! IMG_4816-1 IMG_4851-1

A favorite course would be tricky to pick because the meal kept getting better with every new dish! Highlights definitely would be the five phenomenal butters (one of the best salted butters I’ve ever tried!), the truffle mac and cheese (insert heart-eyed emoji), and of course, the turkey. Speaking of the turkey, we had a fresh one carved in front of us for our main course! It was gorgeous.

IMG_4817-1   IMG_4855-1 IMG_4870-1 IMG_4880-1 IMG_4890-1

The restaurant’s delightful house blend. John highly recommends it! Baby and I stuck to the sparkling and still water…but next time…;)

PatriciaParisienne Thanksgiving at the Milestone Hotel Kensington London Cheneston's restaurant pumpkin pie

Thank you so much to the fantastic staff at the Milestone Hotel (especially Colin and Augustine!) and the lovely folks at Weill for the invitation. It was a night – and meal – to remember!

Make sure to follow the Milestone Hotel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for their many special events and soirées throughout the year!

PatriciaParisienne xx


Milestone Hotel

1 Kensington Court

W8 5DL


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Style & Image Session with Debrett’s

Have you ever wanted a complete wardrobe overhaul? Or at least a fairy godmother to come and dress you or at least help you choose better clothes? I have. Better yet – I found the solution in Mayfair, and her name is Ines.

Debrett’s, the trusted source on British social skills, etiquette and style, kindly invited me to an introductory style and image consultation with Ines da Silva, an international fashion expert. Happily, I accepted and soon I found myself in their gorgeous Mayfair headquarters, nervous and excited.


It must be said that I changed three times because I didn’t know what to wear when meeting a fashion expert. I had imagined myself walking in looking like Gisele’s younger sister, mane flowing, with a stunning ensemble – but who am I kidding? I finally settled on a black dress (so original, right?), black tights, and my trusty camel Bobbies boots, and came in with a top-knot to ward off the frizzies in this cold and damp London weather. Let’s be honest – I need someone like Ines in my life to help me upgrade my wardrobe.

Upon entering the sunny room where our session took place, I knew my fears were unwarranted. Not only is Ines relaxed, warm, and non-judgmental, but she is also there to help. Her priority is her client, and she makes you feel like there is nowhere else in the world she’d rather be than in that room with you talking about clothes, fashion, and life. Her style of teaching is natural, and never did I get an inkling of condescension. Au contraire, Ines’ enthusiasm and passion for the subject are contagious and shine through the entire experience.


In true British fashion, Debrett’s had prepared a gorgeous tea set and an array of biscuits and delicious macarons, as a nod to my Parisian past. After friendly introductions, we moved into the main part of the course, a very thorough and interactive presentation. Not giving away too much, I learned about a great deal about fashion and its place in British culture. Ines personalizes an element of the afternoon, so not only do you learn about fashion overall but also its application in your daily life.

The style analysis, created by Ines, revolves around your persona and personal image. She wants to empower you, help you feel confident within. This helps you give off the image that you’ve got it together, and let’s face it – how many of us strive to do that every day? The session is empowering and accessible, as servicing and enhancing is a large part of what Ines does. You feel supported and guided. The way you dress yourself projects a certain image. You want to make sure that you are showing your best self, especially when it comes to making that first impression with a client or future colleagues.

Those that could especially benefit from booking a style and image session with Debrett’s are: women in business, to help you feel empowered, especially those who are starting a new job, career, or are in a new role; mothers-to-be or new mothers, who will experience an evolution in their style; and foreigners, who would appreciate insight from the angle of a London fashion insider.


I would recommend starting with the introductory course but also booking a follow-up course, which includes offers wardrobe screenings to change your look (if that’s your goal) or just revamp what you already have. It helps to have the introductory session because Ms. Da Silva and you can get to know each other, which will only yield better results in the second session. Plus you will have better knowledge of the basics after intro session, as you’ll have been introduced to different looks, styles, and cuts that you may not have considered before. To really up your game, you can also book the third step, which is a bespoke shopping session with Ines in London, Paris and/or Milan. (My dream!)

I learned so much in the afternoon I spent with Debrett’s, from the importance of tailoring (spoiler alert: this is a game changer) to the looks and colors that will best suit my skin and body. Thank you so much, Ines and Debrett’s!

Book in for your appointment by e-mailing enquiries@debretts.co.uk or calling 020 7290 5950. For more information, visit the Debrett’s site: http://www.debretts.com/british-etiquette/fashion-and-style/classic-introduction-session

Happy styling!

PatriciaParisienne xx


For more regular updates, follow along in the adventures on InstagramFacebook, or Snapchat (@tricia_rosas).




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