“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

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Don’t you love that moment when you bring your Christmas tree into the house? It represents a combination of excitement of it being December, the anticipation of the glorious food and fun traditions that are to come, and the general cheeriness that the holiday season brings.

While John, George, and my wonderful in-laws decorated the majority of the Tannenbaum this year, I was given the honor of putting a few special finishing touches on the tree.

harrods baubles christmas ornaments decorations

Harrods sent me some of the most beautiful baubles I’ve ever seen. It’s truly an honor to have them amongst our family’s treasured ornaments that we’ll bring out year after year.

This bauble might be my favorite, although I love them all!

Harrods Christmas baubles decorations luxury gift

George loves the Christmas tree and is intrigued by the concept of hanging things off of the branches (smashed ornament count: 2). He’s helped put a few on and off, including the chocolate ones that I’ve had to eat (ahem) because I didn’t want him finding out what was actually inside them! This ornament below by Artifactually is so beautiful that we’ve refrained from putting it on the tree until the babes are a little bit older. I can’t bear the thought of it breaking, so we’ll just admire it in its gorgeous box for the time being!

harrods luxury christmas decorations gifts baubles

Christmas this year has been such a buildup. Not only is George starting to wrap his head around the concept (he must have said reindeer – “ren” – about 500 times by now, no exaggeration) but also we are counting down the days until we meet the newest member of our family, who is due December 26. I can’t think of a better Christmas gift than that 🙂

luxury baubles harrods glass ornaments gifts

Enjoy perusing the Harrods Christmas store online; you’ll want to put everything in your cart! These ornaments and decorations make the perfect gift for anyone, especially your London, Harrods, and/or Christmas-obsessed friend, or just as a beautiful memento for yourself and your family.

I’m curious – how do you decorate yours? Do you have special ornaments or family traditions around the decorating of the Christmas tree or the house in general?

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,

PatriciaParisienne xx