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Happy Spring!

Hope you had a great weekend. Here is a list of my latest three favorite things.

1.) Daisy London Jewellery – I wore this beautiful jewelry to my baby shower in Paris last weekend (post to come soon!). I adore the delicate chains and pendants, as well as the meaning behind the chakras. The necklace and earrings have the base chakra symbol, which is connected to self-esteem, sense of security, family values, and strives toward self-preservation. The solar plexus bracelet respresents vitality, self-esteem, and direction, all of which are good things, especially as I get closer to this life-changing period of my life! The elegance of these simple pieces won me over at first sight, and I loved wearing them to celebrate Baby Naylor.

2.) Love Style Life by Garance Doré – A huge admirer of the phenomenon that is Garance Doré, I had been lusting after this book for weeks now. I finally bit the bullet and ordered it (even though I have a huge stack of books that I haven’t read yet) and inhaled the book in about an hour. Love Style Life is unlike any other book I’ve read – in a good way. It was a way to learn more about both Garance herself, through snapshots of her life, and her views on just what the title says – love, style, and life. I enjoyed the variety of anecdotes and mini essays that compiled the book. The photos, as expected, are gorgeous. Though the cover is stunning enough to file this book in the coffee table category, I recommend taking the time to get to know Garance and read the nuggets of wisdom that she shares with us.

3.) Daffodils – These cheery flowers are in abundance in England at the moment! My Englishman planted several in pots at the front of the house; it’s a delight to come home and be greeted by their yellow blooms. They’re currently being sold in every shop and flower market, as well. They’re a definitive sign that spring is now here!

Stay tuned for posts on the newest YouTube video, Chiara Perano’s Nib & Ink book launch, an interview with the founders of MEWS London, our baby shower in Paris, and an incredible stay in the most stunning Paris Perfect apartment! Also, have you seen the giveaway I’m hosting on my Instagram and Twitter with MEWS London? Enter to win a gorgeous Swarovski statement necklace! Open to followers worldwide. Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Good luck, everyone!

PatriciaParisienne xx


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