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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Here are a few Father’s Day Gift ideas of some things I’m considering getting for John. (Don’t worry; he isn’t a huge fan of surprises, so I’m not spoiling anything.) They should all arrive in time for the big day!

previse dermapothecary skincare, sister & co charcoal skincare for men natural skincare vegan

Skincare for men is important, and less played up than beer or other traditionally masculine gifts (don’t worry, there are a few of those below, too!). However, it’s really important, and for me, natural skincare is the way to go. These are a couple of the products I think are cool-looking and effective. These Previse cleansers are vegan-friendly and are Harvey Nichols’ exclusive in the UK. And this Sister & Co charcoal soap bar would totally have been on James Bond’s radar, right? Let me know what you think!Yeti Rambler 18 oz 500 ml bottle

We were first introduced to the brand Yeti by my friend Alex and her husband Chris when we went to San Diego. They are the BEST water bottles. Thankfully, they are now sold in the UK, too! This Yeti Rambler (18 oz bottle) is a great gift for the active man in your life.

How To Stop Time Matt Haig

I heard about How To Stop Time by Matthew Haig via Venetia Falconer’s Instagram Stories the other day, where she highlighted a beautiful passage in the book. I instantly went to check it out and read the sample provided. I was instantly hooked! I’d buy this for him knowing that I definitely get to read it next.

When I told John that I was working on this gift guide, this was the one thing he suggested I definitely add to the list: a monthly beer subscription. (You can take the man out of England – oh, wait, still here) The top rated ones I found in the UK were Brewdog (8 – 18 bottles a month, which equates to £23 -£38) and Honest Brew (9 – 24 beers a month, up to £67.90 a box, but offers more variety). If you aren’t sure you want to commit, Honest Brew is offering a Father’s Day gift bundle, which you can see above.

keepcup father's day gift guide patriciaparisienne
Image compliments of the KeepCup site

Single plastic use is out; reusable is in! This KeepCup is quite the statement cup and one of the coolest out on the market. It comes in a variety of shape and sizes but you can also design your own from the 32,640 different color and size combos possible.

One of the best milk frothers on the market, the VonShef Electric Milk Frother will make every morning coffee feel special. This Lavazza one also has excellent reviews (and is £20 off) but from a purely aesthetic point of view, I’m all for this one.

This Herschel Card Carrier is compact and will easily fit into a jean pocket without the bulk of a big wallet. That leaves two extra hands to help with the kids, amirite?

We subscribe to this amazing Taylor’s 32 natural toothcare box. It’s one of my favorite packages to get in the mail, partly because the box is sealed with a sticker that says, “Open Wide,” and I’m a fan of clever branding. But mostly, I love it because it’s just an awesome product. You’ll never run out of toothpaste because they time the next box just right. Hint: go for the classic mint.

school of artisan food nottinghamshire sherwood forest patriciaparisienne
Photo compliments of Clive Doyle Photography

For the aspiring cider-maker or chef in the house, this would be an incredible present. A course of their choice at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire. The course offerings are some of the best in the country (truly, have a look here!), and the setting looks idyllic, as it’s part of the Sherwood Forest. (Robin Hood anyone?) There’s also a food photography course and even a course for food start-ups! Anyone interested in food and drink at all will find a class they’d love to take. If you buy any of the 12 courses listed here for Father’s Day, you can get 10% off with the code FDKPE10.

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Loving Love Boo

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve blogged but my energy has been focused elsewhere; two kids under two will do that! I’ve also been doing a lot of work with my social media consulting clients, which has been so interesting. I’m really enjoying working with companies and businesses of all sizes, and I can’t wait for all the exciting projects to come on that side of things.

That being said, I’ve so missed blogging! Writing is fun, cathartic – it’s a natural way for me to express my thoughts and share what goes on in my life. On that note, I’m currently packing for our upcoming vacation, and I just had to share the first things I put aside to pack.

love boo products natural organic skincare baby wash baby soap stretch mark cream uk

Love Boo, a natural skincare range for babies and moms, started coming up on my Instagram feed through some other U.K. bloggers that I follow. As I mentioned in the last few posts, I have been trying to use more natural and organic products. What we put on our skin and on our children’s skin is important; our skin is our largest organ. Love Boo products are all nasty-free (see photo below) – YAY! You can read more about founders Jennifer Gledhill and Corinna Labrosse’s story here, and if you love a good how-they-did-it interview like I do, head on over here.

love boo products natural organic skincare baby wash baby soap stretch mark cream uk

George has a few patches of eczema, so I’m careful with the products we use for him, and as a rule, I’m very reluctant to put anything on Ralph’s skin since he’s still so little. We bathe the kids every other night (sometimes just with water) to keep their skin from going too dry, but definitely make sure to give them a good wash when they need it!

Thankfully, both of them have reacted really well to the Love Boo body wash (i.e. no irritation whatsoever), so the Love Boo Very Gentle Top to Toe Wash has replaced the previous body wash we were using. Tip: if you’re tight on space and want an all-in-one body wash and shampoo for the entire family, this is the one to pack!

love boo very gentle baby wash patriciaparisienne organic natural skincare babies baby wash gentle on skin

I also need to include that it’s generally not recommended to use most skincare products on babies under four weeks old, unless otherwise instructed by a doctor or a medical professional. Just a little something to keep in mind!

love boo products natural organic skincare baby wash baby soap stretch mark cream uk

My favorite product is a toss-up between the body smoother and the magic balm. I lovelovelove both of them. The body smoother is the creamiest, most hydrating cream I’ve ever used, and I use it every day without fail. I love the way my skin feels with it. A little bit goes a long way with all of their products; they last forever! If you have any parts of your body that tend to be dry or if you have any stretch marks, the body smoother is definitely one to put in the cart.

The magic balm has kept my hands from completely cracking. I wash my hands so many times a day now that I have two kids. They were cracking and bleeding, and nothing could keep them hydrated enough. Cue the magic balm! I went from alarming, bloody hands back to normal again.

love boo products natural organic skincare baby wash baby soap stretch mark cream uk

If you’re looking to gift an expectant mom or new mom something for her, look no further than these Love Boo products!

I’d love to hear your thoughts if and when you try them. Happy pampering,

PatriciaParisienne xx

These products were gifted but this post was written because of how much I love the products! 

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Decorating Our Christmas Tree

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

baubles harrods london knightsbridge luxury ornaments baubles gifts

Don’t you love that moment when you bring your Christmas tree into the house? It represents a combination of excitement of it being December, the anticipation of the glorious food and fun traditions that are to come, and the general cheeriness that the holiday season brings.

While John, George, and my wonderful in-laws decorated the majority of the Tannenbaum this year, I was given the honor of putting a few special finishing touches on the tree.

harrods baubles christmas ornaments decorations

Harrods sent me some of the most beautiful baubles I’ve ever seen. It’s truly an honor to have them amongst our family’s treasured ornaments that we’ll bring out year after year.

This bauble might be my favorite, although I love them all!

Harrods Christmas baubles decorations luxury gift

George loves the Christmas tree and is intrigued by the concept of hanging things off of the branches (smashed ornament count: 2). He’s helped put a few on and off, including the chocolate ones that I’ve had to eat (ahem) because I didn’t want him finding out what was actually inside them! This ornament below by Artifactually is so beautiful that we’ve refrained from putting it on the tree until the babes are a little bit older. I can’t bear the thought of it breaking, so we’ll just admire it in its gorgeous box for the time being!

harrods luxury christmas decorations gifts baubles

Christmas this year has been such a buildup. Not only is George starting to wrap his head around the concept (he must have said reindeer – “ren” – about 500 times by now, no exaggeration) but also we are counting down the days until we meet the newest member of our family, who is due December 26. I can’t think of a better Christmas gift than that 🙂

luxury baubles harrods glass ornaments gifts

Enjoy perusing the Harrods Christmas store online; you’ll want to put everything in your cart! These ornaments and decorations make the perfect gift for anyone, especially your London, Harrods, and/or Christmas-obsessed friend, or just as a beautiful memento for yourself and your family.

I’m curious – how do you decorate yours? Do you have special ornaments or family traditions around the decorating of the Christmas tree or the house in general?

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,

PatriciaParisienne xx

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Creating a Bespoke Hat with Sarah Cant Couture Millinery

If you’re looking for the perfect Ascot hat, look no further than Sarah Cant Couture Millinery.  Sarah makes the most striking and elegant hats. I adore how structural yet feminine her hats are, as well as how much energy and fluidity they exude.

Collaborating with Sarah to create a bespoke hat is one of the highlights of my blogging career. Below, I share the creative process of this hatmaking experience and reveal the stunning work of art that Sarah made for me (scroll to the bottom if you just can’t wait!).

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery PatriciaParisienne charlecote park warwickshire national trust bespoke hat wedding hat mother of the bride hatDuring our first meeting in her sun-filled studio, Sarah was kind enough to let us have a glimpse into her life, learn what it means (and takes!) to be a milliner, and talks us through the bespoke process in her words. (You can watch the interview here.) At the end, Sarah indulged me and I was able to try on a few of those gorgeous creations!

Can you feel the vibrant energy of these hats?

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery Patriciaparisienne
This shot of her sketchbook shows the conception and evolution of the beautiful pale pink hat shown.

The Brainstorming Begins

We began the brainstorming by discussing the possible events where I could wear this hat – the time of year, the setting, and the dress code. I won’t be attending any races this season but have a few weddings to attend from August to November. The locations are very different (a farm in Stratford-upon-Avon, a castle in Belgium, and a very cosmopolitan do in London!), so this was taken into consideration.

After trying on a variety of hats (YAY!), Sarah had already begun to brainstorm different ideas for the types of hats and styles that would suit me. I loved trying on the pale pink hat above that is a very 60s piece (think Jackie O) but ultimately I felt more comfortable in a smaller piece. I also fell in love with movement of the satin ribbons of a few of Sarah’s hats; the ribbon looked like it was just casually blowing in the wind. The movement instantly resonated with me; even if it looks like I’m not doing much, my brain is still racing!

Sarah mentioned that we all naturally gravitate toward colors and shapes of hats – and it was love at first sight with that satin ribbon. We quickly decided on the base shape of the hat, and we chose the two colors of the hat based on the color palette I tend to wear: navy mixed with other neutrals, plus a splash of red lipstick.

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery PatriciaParisienne charlecote park warwickshire national trust bespoke hat wedding hat mother of the bride hat

Several Hat Samples

For our next meeting, Sarah had prepared eight sketches of possible hat trimmings. They were done on translucent paper, which were then placed on top of the pencil drawing of a head with my hat base. It was so easy to swap out the different options, especially if you need to see them over and over again to decide. As well as being very clever, the translucent sketches over the drawing brought the final hat idea to life.

As I mentioned earlier, the satin ribbon trimming was my favorite but I also loved other wire designs that I had seen on a few of Sarah’s other hats. Sarah had also put aside a variety of red and blue laces and silks, which felt incredibly luxurious to the touch. She does such a wonderful job of choosing and sourcing the materials, which again made it difficult to choose. After a thirty minute deliberation, the materials were chosen!  Before leaving that day, we also narrowed down the trimming choices to one wire and one satin design.

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery PatriciaParisienne charlecote park warwickshire national trust bespoke hat wedding hat mother of the bride hat

Trimmings Time

When I walked into the studio for our next appointment, the trimmings were ready –  and the base of the hat was, too! We went back and forth with trimmings – it was such a hard decision to make! All of the options were beautiful. Sarah also had placed a black silk underneath the blue lace, as the navy we had originally chosen didn’t allow the lace to really shine. I would have never noticed that it was black because the color of the lace tinted the silk navy.

The subtle change, in my eyes, displayed Sarah’s attention to detail and professionalism. She didn’t settle for an “okay” hat. Her work ethic, high standards, and experience led her to create the perfect alternative that would keep the intricate lace in the limelight, as we had decided.

We settled on a fit for the base, which comprised of trying on the base and altering it slightly to fit my head more snugly. Then we chose the trimming, which you will see below!

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery PatriciaParisienne charlecote park warwickshire national trust bespoke hat wedding hat mother of the bride hat

She’s ready!

I was so excited when Sarah e-mailed to let me know that the hat was ready. When I walked into the studio a few days later, “she” was on the mannequin. I couldn’t believe my eyes – there was my hat in all of her glory. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was in person!

The hat was just what I wanted – classic, simple, and elegant. I couldn’t wait to try it on. Sarah and I ran through how to put it on and how it should be worn, for my sake. For those that aren’t entirely sure how to wear one, have no fear; she will go over it as many times as you need to. In reality, it isn’t very difficult once you’re shown once how to do it!

The Best Part

The highlight of this whole experience was, of course, Sarah. I was amazed by her ability to “see” the person she’s working with: your face, your hair, your shape, and your personality and quirks. Her attention to detail extends far beyond her creations; she observes and weaves what she sees into her work. Sarah was able to create a hat that suits me entirely, embodies what I loved about her hats, and pairs well with my color palette, skin tone, and thick hair. Her warmth, professionalism, knowledge, passion for her craft, along with her endless creativity – which just flows out of Sarah, who was clearly born to be a maker – all come together to make unforgettable works of art and a remarkable experience for her collaborator.

How to Design Your Own Bespoke Hat with Sarah

To work with Sarah on a hat for Ascot or an upcoming race, wedding, party or any other event, you can get in touch via her website or her e-mail address: sarah@sarahcant.co.uk
 or give her a call: 07866 759703 (for international callers, dial +447866 759703).

The Big Reveal

She’s perfect.

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery PatriciaParisienne charlecote park warwickshire national trust bespoke hat wedding hat mother of the bride hat

Thank you again to Sarah Cant for this incredible experience and to Nicky Malone for approaching me with this phenomenal project. Hats off to you both!

PatriciaParisienne xx


Follow Sarah Cant on Instagram.

Sarah Cant Couture Millinery website

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Bespoke Hats, Expat Life, and Millinery with Sarah Cant, Couture Milliner | Interview

“Would you like to work on a project with the milliner Sarah Cant?” Nicky Malone from the eponymous PR company gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Ahhh, yes!” I (pretty much) screamed into the phone, as I was walking down the Leamington high street pushing the stroller down the street. Having worked with Nicky last year on a hat project, I knew what fun awaited and couldn’t believe my luck.

Shortly after I began dating my husband John, I developed a fascination for the famous hats that the British wear to weddings, special events, and the horse races. After attending a few weddings together, I quickly noticed the gorgeous head ornaments that emerged for these special events. They seemed so distinct, yet so natural for the English women that modeled them so naturally.

(Also, remember Princess Eugenie’s hat for Will and Kate’s wedding? That drew major international attention to the tradition, didn’t it?)

Sarah Cant’s story is fascinating; she came from the U.S. for a quick year to do her doctorate at Oxford in French literature (yes, I know – not only is she incredibly creative but she’s also academically brilliant!). Twenty years later, Sarah is now the head of the millinery course at Kensington and Chelsea College, a.k.a. the establishment for the next generation of hat makers, the same place where she did her millinery training. Plus, she wrote a book called Hats!, which has been translated into several languages. Finally, Sarah has her own couture millinery studio, working with the most renowned and admired women and fashion institutions in the country.

What struck me the most when I saw Sarah’s work was the pulsating energy in her pieces. Each piece makes a statement in its own way – some with delicate wire trimmings, others with satin bands that look like ribbons blowing in the wind. Others, like an upcoming AW17 hat, dominate the room with a military edge and dazzling gold trim. Each hat has a vibrant character but when worn will blend with your personality – they allow you to wear them. I discovered this was even truer when I visited Sarah’s studio for the first time.

It’s always a bit daunting for me to meet new collaborators and clients for the first time. Sarah and I had spoken on the phone a bit prior to meeting but nevertheless; the butterflies were still there when I walked up the steps to her gorgeous studio. But there was nothing to stress about. Sarah is a very warm person, instantly making me feel at home in her sunlit atelier. Offering me a cup of tea and a biscuit (a woman after my own heart!), Sarah quickly sparked our hours-long conversation, and we set up for the interview. The video above is a peek into that lovely spring afternoon, where I learned not only about the fascinating world of millinery but also what life as a milliner is truly like.

I hope that you feel like you were the third person in the room with us. Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a chocolate biscuit (or cookie!), and join us. Stay tuned for my next article, where I share the incredible experience of creating a bespoke hat with Sarah!

Hats off to you,

PatriciaParisienne xx


Check out Sarah’s website: Sarah Cant Couture Millinery

Sarah Cant Online Shop: https://sarah-cant-couture-millinery.myshopify.com/

Follow along on Instagram: @sarahcantmillinery


Mother’s Day Gift Guide (U.K.)

Mother's Day Fortnum & Mason camomile & bee pollen infusion denby potteryGuess what? This Sunday is my first Mother’s Day! In the U.K., Mother’s Day is celebrated in March and is called Mothering Sunday. So official, right?

In celebration of all things mother, I’ve put together a mother’s day gift guide. They’re a mix of things I love and others that I’m lusting after but would all ultimately make a great present for that mama in your life. Also, the majority of the brands are British – yay for supporting local businesses!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy Mother’s Day to my fellow mums!


Mama PatriciaParisienne xx

mother's day gift guide mothering sunday london grace malee natural science verdure hand cream daniel sandler red carpet lipstick babe balm clean beauty co therapi honey skincare orange blossom cleanser


1. London Grace nail polish (Rory) 2. Daniel Sandler red lipstick 3. Therapi Orange Blossom Honey Gel Cleanser 4. Malée Verdure hand cream 5. Clean Beauty Co Babe Balm

mothering sunday mother's day gift guide for foodies patriciaparisienneFoodie Gifts

1. Creighton’s Chocolate 2. Charbonnel et Walker pink champagne truffles 3. Pollen & Grace almond + buckwheat granola 4. Fortnum & Mason’s Camomile & Bee Pollen Infusion

mama gift guide mummy milestones boobbix studio seed mama jem + bea clutch pouch bonnie mob selfish mother collaboration mother jumper minty wendy teething necklace jewellery jewelry seraphine changing bag

New Mom

1. Mummy Milestones 2. Boobbix lactation cookies (Order at least two boxes of chocolate chip! 10% off with code MUM10) 3. Jem + Bea Mama clutch 4. Studio Seed correspondence set 5. Minty Wendy teething necklaces (my favorite) 6. Bonnie Mob x Selfish Mother “Mother” cashmere top 7. Séraphine Changing Bag

sarah cant millinery couture hats daisy london alexi london rose gold earrings stacy chan london clutch bag a piedi red hessian smoking slippers som'or bracelet patriciaparisienneAccessories

1. Sarah Cant couture hat 2. ALEXI London rose gold earrings 3. Stacy Chan clutch 4. Daisy London base chakra necklace 5. A Piedi red Hessian smoking slippers 6. Som’or letter bracelet

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Dempsey & Carroll’s Leo Mascotte | Snapshot of Life as a Creative Director

Dempsey & Carroll have created hand-engraved stationery since 1878. Purveyors of this elegant paperie, the company has established itself as one of the top stationery companies in the nation for its unparalleled attention to detail and the quality of its products.

I am thrilled to share an interview with the Creative Director of Dempsey & Carroll himself, Leo Mascotte. In this exchange, you will learn about Leo’s path to his current role, a day-in-the-life of Mr. Mascotte, the inspiration behind his work – in particular the California gift sets – plus the essentials you need in your stationery wardrobe. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

PatriciaParisienne (PP): You’ve worked with some remarkable brands throughout your career, Dempsey & Carroll (D&C) being at the forefront of them. What aspects of D&C drew you to the company?

Leo Mascotte (LM): Most kind of you, it has been a pleasure to be associated with such wonderful brands. Dempsey & Carroll has always been a favorite; a global meeting in New York called for a special gift for La Mer affiliates gathered here from far and wide. Working with Dempsey & Carroll we pulled a range of engraved motifs from seashells to exotic fish. We presented a set of personalized correspondence cards to each attendee. This is just the sort of gift that I love – unique, thoughtful, and tied to the place from which it comes. These same things can be said of Dempsey & Carroll.

2. What does a day in the life as creative director look like, and what do you love about your job?

LM: Thriving on an ever-changing menu of projects, I am most happy in a setting that allows me to jump from one task to another. From merchandising the store, to developing new products, to managing photo shoots. I love the fact that my day rarely feels typical and always keeps me a few minutes away from the next thing.

3. When designing new collections, do you have a particular ritual or artistic process?

LM: If there is a common thread these days it may very well be Pinterest. I use it to stash a never-ending trove of images, and find it to be an excellent source of inspiration and imagery. These are used to articulate first thoughts and new directions for each collection.

4. The remarkable history of Dempsey & Carroll not only sets it apart from other stationery brands but also serves as the heart of the brand. How do you marry the old (history) with the new (fresh designs)?

LM: There are so many ways that we try to make this marriage work. The Dempsey & Carroll archives are remarkable. I am an absolute sucker for a leather bound album titled simply “Yachting Stationery”. Dating from the late 1800’s it is a time machine to a world with timeless appeal. It served as the starting point for a storewide restyling last summer as well as new product, our Knot Tide correspondence cards for example. Keeping it fresh by asking ourselves constantly, would I want to have this, or would I want to give it as a gift?

5. Let’s dive into the gorgeous Californian-inspired gift sets. I adore them – especially the La Jolla (yay for my hometown!). The variety of towns and cities that you chose piqued my interest. Why did you choose these particular eight places, and how are they represented in the sets?

LM: The idea for the California sets came as we were christening another group of products. Place names are a favorite way to give voice to visual ideas. California came to mind as perhaps the only American location big and varied enough to support a large seasonal assortment. Some towns demanded sets, other sets went looking for and easily found the places from which they came. They are all places that have intrigued me over the years, and where I would love to visit over and over.

6. Which is your favorite gift set at the moment, and why?

LM: If I had to choose just one set, it would be Belvedere. So many people had never heard of this magical town before we named the collection. Introducing something unexpected is such a pleasure. It allows one the chance to re-experience the process and joy of discovery.

7. Would you mind sharing some of the pieces or collections that you think represent Dempsey & Carroll best?

LM: The La Jolla and Nob Hill sets have been strong sellers, thanks in part to their notebooks, both from our most recent Schumacher collection. It was such a treat to work with Schumacher Creative Director Dara Caponigro; we have known each other for sometime, having been introduced by Thomas O’Brien while I was at Aero Studios. Dara has taken this esteemed house to such fresh and wonderful new places, we hope the paper collection has pulled off a similar trick for Dempsey & Carroll.

8. Despite the advanced technology that we now have at our fingers, stationery is still so popular. Nothing can beat the feeling of taking a pen to paper, can it? What items can you recommend as must-haves in a stationery wardrobe?

LM: Could not agree more, a piece of hand written correspondence always finds itself at the top of any pile of mail. For me the blue blazer (aka first and most essential foundation piece) of any stationery wardrobe is the bespoke correspondence card. Like the navy number you reach for in your closet time and again, I recommend buying the best quality card that your budget allows. Do so and you will discover the limitless ways that you will be able to use it. From the exuberance of a gift enclosure to the support offered in a condolence note, there is no substitute for the timeless appeal of effortlessly impeccable engraved cotton stock.

Many thanks to Leo for sharing a bit of your Dempsey & Carroll life with us!

Head to Dempsey & Carroll’s website to see all of the gorgeous gift sets – and more!

Happy writing,

PatriciaParisienne xx


Happy December!

Daniel Wellington Classic Black Silver Cuff PatriciaParisienne

Hello, hello! Hope you are all well and enjoying the first chocolate of your Advent calendar! T – 24 days until Christmas…bring on the hot cocoa and Christmas music!

One of the things I’ve learned since becoming a mom is that being organized is imperative. I took advantage of Black Friday sales and amazingly am nearly finished with my Christmas shopping. This is the first time I haven’t been scrambling around on the 23rd and 24th for last-minute presents!

What I have underneath my Drew tree in the photo are two of the latest additions, the new Daniel Wellington silver cuff and Classic Black watch. The cuff is an elegant accessory that George can’t break, so of course it’s been added to my daily wardrobe.

Both items make excellent gifts and come in lovely packaging, plus shipping is free worldwide (a nice perk). I’d recommend ordering a small in the cuff unless you have a wide wrist and a 36 mm watch for most women. For the men in your life, a 40 mm watch will do nicely. It is a lightweight and elegant alternative to the heavier metal watches. John loves his!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Watch this space for new articles, reviews, and interviews!

Happy shopping,

PatriciaParisienne xx

If you fancy a new watch or cuff, you can use the code PATRICIAPARISIENNE for a 15% discount, which is good through December 31. It’s compatible with their 10% off Christmas offer, so you get a total of 25% off!

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David Peters | Cosmetic Acupuncture

“Need to look your best but better? Try David Peters.” – The Mail

With a recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want to have a treatment done by David Peters, the award-winning cosmetic acupuncturist at the stunning Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge?

rsz_img_8670 (more…)

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Christmas in July | Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason does everything to perfection, from tea to their press day. When I received the invitation (a package containing special Fortnum’s marmalade vodka with the event details on the tag!), I couldn’t contain my excitement. “Christmas in July” is the best press event!

So, last Wednesday, my amazing mother-in-law Cheryl, baby George, and I hopped on the train and went for an adventure in London. We arrived into Marylebone and enjoyed a beautiful walk to Piccadilly. Char, Phoebe, and the rest of the amazing Seven Dials PR team were on-hand to walk us through the many delights for the upcoming Fortnum & Mason Christmas 2016 season. I’m so excited to share them with you! As we get closer to the holidays, I’ll be including several of the goodies in my gift guides, but for now, here is a sneak peek:


These balloons – and that table! So festive.FM7

The salted peanut butter yule log was one of the tastiest treats I’ve ever had. I may have to order an entire one as a present to myself…hamper fortnums

Here’s a shot of this year’s incredible Imperial Hamper. It will set you back a cool £6000 but it contains everything you’ll need for the holiday season in the suite of wickers!collage fm

Artisan baker Nila Holden baked this little gingerbread sensation. How cute is it? The pottery to the right is Fortnum’s own line for every day use. I love the elegant Scandi-inspired design. I can imagine myself pouring a delicious coffee in one of the Eau de Nil mugs!

santa fortnums

So, the six-person blue star cracker you see on the tree took over a year to engineer – so cool. You’d need a very calm countdown to make sure everyone pulled at precisely the right time but it’d be so much fun to do! Also, those customizable Santa sacks are just gorgeous. George’s first Christmas will include one of those with his name on it – I cannot wait! Speaking of customization, the colorful holiday scene above the bag can be ordered with your mini loved one’s name on it. As always, the Fortnum & Mason ornaments are just about the prettiest things you could hang on your tree. I’m eyeing the one with the Fortnum’s mini tea set!FMMen

They haven’t overlooked gifts for the men in your life. How elegant is that shaving kit on the left?

beautiful tea set fortnum and mason  This tea-for-two set (£325) will one day be mine. Inspired by the wallpaper in that room on the fourth floor, as well as by camellia sinensis (the plant from which tea originates), the design is subtle yet symbolic.FM5Such beautiful accessories!  turned4

Those Christmas jumper cookies! For the foodies in your life, you’ll need to purchase the sparkling spiced rum butter to slather on a slice of the Drunken Panettone or Stollen. To be enjoyed with a cup of the Christmas spiced tea. IMG_8792Emma Bridgewater’s Fortnum & Mason Christmas set  FM1

More wonderful gifts and stocking stuffersIMG_8797IMG_8782

Halcyon Days make these gorgeous bangles especially for Fortnum’s. The perfect Christmas gift for the jewelry lover in your life.

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of Fortnum & Mason’s Christmas 2016 collection. The Christmas store opens next month at their Piccadilly store. Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas (in July!),

PatriciaParisienne xx


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